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Pangea produces a wide range of media from music, video, marketing solutions and more. We began our journey in the space between those with a message, and those looking to discover and consume the power radiated from the world's producers. Through any means necessary, we aim to provide the best shimmer on your adventure towards making your mark. We will lock-in the way to link the gap.

Our Services

Pangea specializes in music industry services. Offering a wide range of options including:
Music Production, Mixing/Mastering, Cover Art Design, Music Video Production, Marketing Campaigns, Music Distribution, etc.

Pangea's marketing campaigns will suit all your needs from, content design to data analysis and campaign management. For an affordable price, we can design content to suit both your physical and digital campaigns but also fully manage them on our end and periodically send you updates on the results.

VC, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter

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